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    We are your Green Bay Mortgage Company! We are known for our superior customer service and quick turnaround time for any of your home financing needs. Our goal is to make the finance experience as pleasant and fast as possible. Not only that but we want to offer the lowest Green Bay Mortgage Interest Rates available.

    Start your “no cost” mortgage analysis request now! You have a large choice of Green Bay home mortgage choices, including fixed rate home loans with low Green Bay Mortgage Interest Rates. You may even qualify for a Green Bay FHA loan, which can offer a low down payment and lower your home closing costs. You must meet Green Bay FHA eligibility requirements to qualify for the lowest Green Bay Mortgage Interest Rates.

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    This will let you compare Green Bay home mortgage options from multiple lenders, allowing you to choose great fixed rate loans at several year terms. You can also compare mortgage terms and options to find the best Green Bay mortgage for your financial needs. Our low Green Bay Mortgage Interest Rates are only available for a short time.

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  • Green Bay Refinance Success Story: Edward

    Edward is a recently divorced gentleman that needed to pay his ex-wife off due to a divorce settlement of $20,000. This needed to happen fast with an Green Bay WI refinance! He was required to pay this debt within 30 days and he had waited until the last possible moment to begin the process of refinancing his Green Bay WI refinance mortgage. At the time of application, Edward had a 7.5% 30 year Green Bay WI refinance mortgage that had 18 years remaining on it. It was clear what Edward needed to do. He needed to close this chapter in his life and start anew.

    We were able to cash out $20,000 to pay Edward’s ex-wife off and also shorten Edward’s new Green Bay WI refinance mortgage to a shorter 15 year term. His payment remained the same and he did not have to go back into a 30 year.

    In only 30 days We were able to provide Edward a fantastic Green Bay WI refinance mortgage that allowed him to pay his ex-wife $20,000 and a reduced term with a great low rate. His payment also stayed the same as he had at the time of the refinance.

    The key to successfully closing this Green Bay WI refinance loan was determination. My entire staff assisted in bringing both sides together to complete necessary paperwork. It was important to get all pertinent documents for their Green Bay WI FHA refinance such as: 30 days of pay stubs, the last two years of income taxes, their current mortgage statement, their property tax bill, their home owner’s insurance declarations page, 3 months of bank statements, their retirement account quarterly statement, bankruptcy paperwork, child support documentation, and the closing paperwork from their current Green Bay WI refinance mortgage. We needed all the documents so we could answer any and all questions from the underwriter. The file was large and thorough but it was necessary. Our underwriter may have declined it if it were not complete. The major hurdle was communicating with two sets of attorneys, Edward, and his ex-wife. It took us about a week, about a hundred phone calls, and tons of emails to complete the transaction.

    If you are ready to purchase a Green Bay, WI home or need a Green Bay WI refinance please call me at 855-712-3113 or apply HERE.

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  • Green Bay refinance success story: Joey and Stephanie

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