• Green Bay refinance success story: Joey and Stephanie

    28 Feb 2015

  • Joey and Stephanie, Green Bay homeowners and parents of two, have a really big problem and they came to me for help. Joey and Stephanie desperately needed to save money.

    Joey and Stephanie currently have a FHA mortgage, they have had this mortgage for over five years, and they recently had a bankruptcy (discharged about 3 years ago.)

    They have done some work to rebuild credit but their credit report is in disarray.  There are more than ten incorrect items on credit report that really has reflected poorly on them.

    Property values really have not increased since the last time they refinanced.  This is an issue because they really do not have any equity.

    The good news is Joey and Stephanie has had continuous employment for the last four years. Also, they have made their mortgage payments on time since the bankruptcy and have reestablished their credit.  Their credit scores are not the best but we can get the financing they need to lower their monthly mortgage payments.

    The great news is they can take advantage of the FHA streamline program.  With little documentation, good mortgage pay history, and no appraisal necessary we can get them a great Green Bay FHA streamline mortgage.

    It took us about 45 days to correct and organize the documentation but it was well worth the time.  We were able to save Joey and Stephanie $350 a month.  This monthly savings is a great thing for a family with children.

    You too could have the lowest Green Bay interest rates with the professionalism you deserve by contacting my office at 855-712-3113. I will provide you with your own FREE financial analysis and schedule an appointment in the comfort of your own home to refinance your Green Bay mortgage.